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2023 TYC racing season
A note from your Race chair
Welcome to the 2023 racing season! Our 2023 season presented significant racing challenges. Weather and lake conditions were not exactly ideal, but we are a savvy bunch, and went with the flow. Tradewinds has always had a great racing tradition. In 2018 will regrettably miss the competitive boat Remedy and her all-star crew. Fortunately, there are many in our fleet ready and eager to take Remedy's place at the award podium. This year's program continues TYC's strong (and competitive) racing tradition.

Lisa Howard, Race Chair

2023 Racing Program
The Lake Wide calendar has been agreed to with the other Yacht Clubs on the lake and is posted on our race site. There are many opportunities for us to participate in lake wide events. We will be hosting our TYC Commodore Cup on June 2nd. As per prior years, TYC will be participating in the Carlyle Cruiser Cup series this year hosted by BYC. Two races are planned, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. Capturing this "silver" has been elusive in past years. Our Fleet needs to turn this trend around this year. I am counting on all of you to sail strong and smart.

Our club racing program will again consist of a Spring and Fall racing format of 6 races per series with season and overall awards.

There are a few changes. The collaborative racing format venture of last season did not work out (low participation) and will be shelved for 2018. The Division II award program did not yield the desired result of attracting new racers and likewise will be shelved in 2018.

Attracting new racers to our program is critical to the ongoing success of our racing program. To that end, this year's racing calendar includes a new racing event planned for mid-season. This will be a club supported racing event limited to new racers. The format is a work in progress and being worked by your racing committee. The objective is to design an attractive racing event for new racers that incorporates instructional coaching combined with a race leveled to new racers only. I am working the details with my race committee. Stay tuned. I am working with the vice commodore to hopefully align this with a club sponsored social event.

The captains meeting has been scheduled for 9:30 am on race day to accommodate race day commuters. The captain and crew are encouraged to attend. In addition to the normal race day preparation agenda, it is a great opportunity to share racing insights with new racers before we hit the course.

We encourage all TYC members to consider participating in our racing program. You will be welcomed with open arms. We party hardy and toast (and boast) the most!

Lisa and I are looking forward to seeing you on the race course!

Your Fleet Commander and Race Chair
Lisa Howard

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