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2017 TYC racing season
A note from your Race chair:
Welcome to the 2017 racing season! Our 2016 season will be a tough one to top! Tradewinds has always had a great racing tradition. This year's program continues TYC's strong (and competitive) racing tradition and includes a few racing innovations which I hope will makes things even more interesting to all current and new prospective racers. To support new racers, our stock of great learning resources will continue to be supported. At your disposal are: personal coaching from seasoned racers, an audio/visual (DVD) reference library, and post-race discussion and debrief enabled by the RaceQ Ap.

Brian Stork, Race Chair

What is new this season?
Several collaborative race events are planned. Discussions with CYC and BYC have been fruitful. We will be sharing the race course with the JAM (Jib And Main) fleet from CYC and BYC for one of our spring and one of our fall series races. The concept is a built on the successful "cruiser cup series" collaboration introduced in 2016. A long race format is planned for these races. The long race is a contrast to our typical Series round the buoy racing. The race outcome is more about course tactics and fine tuning boat speed and less about mark rounding and starting line precision. An additional benefit, the offer a bit of the "big fleet" feel and excitement to our club program. This collaboration could potentially double the racing fleet for these events.

We are broadening our racer recognition program. This year we will introduce the "Year End Division II championship award". The concept of divisions is new for TYC and recognizes there are differences in skipper's ability. We will be assigning a rating to skippers, thus opening another opportunity to recognize our developing racers. See the Race Deck on the TYC web site to program details on this new award and qualifying criteria.

The captains meeting has been rescheduled for 9:30 am on race day to accommodate race day commuters. The captain and crew are encouraged to attend. In addition to the normal race day preparation agenda, it is a great opportunity to share racing insights with new racers before we hit the course.

We encourage all TYC members to consider participating in our racing program. You will be welcomed with open arms. We party hardy and toast and boast the most!

Lisa and I are looking forward to seeing you on the race course!
Your Fleet Commander and Race Chair

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